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Locations Served Globaly

Reitz Worldwide can provide you with court reporters, legal videographers and video conferencing services for all of your deposition or arbitration needs around the world.  Reitz Worldwide is a global court reporting and litigation solutions company. Whether your needs require a court reporter in Asia, the Pacific, Central or South America, Europe, the Caribbean, or the Middle East, Reitz Worldwide can assist with your deposition event.  Our traveling reporters and those reporters who actually live internationally have a wealth of experience and energy for the rigors of international court reporting, and leap at the chance for realtime hookups and quick turnarounds, specializing in working alone or as a tag team on trials and depositions.

Reitz Worldwide offers video conferencing locations worldwide and brings the conference room to you. Save time, travel costs and hassle - without compromising the power of face-to-face meetings. Our state of the art equipment deliver secure, TV quality video conferencing for depositions, interviews, or any meeting where participants are far away. Working with Reitz Worldwide means having all of the variables seamlessly coordinated and the quality controlled to the highest technical standards. From coordinating the video conference logistics, to providing the onsite service delivery.

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